Art Gallery of Guelph

Getting Under Our Skin: Sealing and Inuit Resilience and Resistance

April 28, 2018

Katherine Takpannie, Avianna MacKenzie and Parr Etidloie discuss the importance of the seal hunt to the Inuit, the impacts of international sealing bans on northern communities and the ignorance informing the misinformation spread by various celebrity supported environmental and animal rights organizations. In conversation with Andrew Hunter (AGG Senior Curator), these Inuit youth express their pride in their culture and their hope that real dialogue can be established with these organizations. A compliment to the AGG exhibition Getting Under Our Skin (2018) featuring works by Alethea Anarquq-Baril, Tanya Tagaq, Couzyn van Huevelen and Katherine Takpannie, complemented by work from the AGG’s extensive collection Inuit art.

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